March 10, 2015
world luxury expo - aston martin lagonda


RIYADH, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA – Aston Martin Lagonda, the legendary super-luxury sports marque, is to make its Saudi debut at the prestigious American Express World Luxury Expo in Riyadh being held from 11-13 March 2015.


The legend is back; the Lagonda marque, one of the most sought after automotive marques in the world, returned to the market late in 2014 in the shape of the Taraf, a new, exotic and impeccably detailed luxury fast car.


The stunning luxury 4-door saloon is an entirely new vehicle designed from the ground upward using extreme hi-tech materials and technology yet keeping Lagonda’s classic signature of the ultimate in traditional handcrafted luxury. The Lagonda Taraf revives the ethos of rare avant-garde design with little regard to expense that first established its legendary status and reaffirms the company’s determination to deliver the “finest of fast cars” above any other consideration.


“This is simply the best Lagonda ever made and introduces a new benchmark of quality, luxury and performance. Put simply, there is nothing like it out there to compare it with; it’s a one off design and will surely appeal to enthusiasts and collectors everywhere,” said Mark Pocock – General Manager for Aston Martin at Haji Husein Alireza – Saudi Arabia’s sole Aston Martin and Lagonda concessionaire.


The Taraf is a truly exclusive motorcar specifically created for the dedicated enthusiast who wants to express his personality through the almost unlimited customisation options available for his car. According to Mark Pocock there has been great interest in this new and strikingly unique Lagonda from buyers who truly must have something that others do not.


Marek Reichman – chief design director at Aston Martin remarked that the Lagonda is a project every bit as special as the award winning One-77 hyper car. He added, ”Our world renowned Q-section, the birthplace of the One-77 and some of the most avant-garde and glamorous customisation achievements, has been tasked with building this entirely hand made vehicle.”


Every panel on the Taraf is hand formed from carbon fibre, exquisite in its design, painstaking in its execution and desirable in the extreme. “It’s the Learjet of the road, and this one’s being made just for us.”


“Truly,” observed Pocock, “with the Taraf, the only limit is your imagination.”


Now, the Lagonda Taraf, which made its world debut in Dubai last November, after extensive planning, is soon be revealed to a very few invited Saudi connoisseurs at a saloon priveé to be held at the forthcoming World Luxury Expo in Riyadh.


During the first half of the 20th century, Lagondas were known for being rare, fast, desirable and glamorous cars that appeared to the most discerning and wealthy motorists. In particularly Lagondas were a great hit in the Middle East where they still enjoy an enthusiastic following to this day.


The arrival of a new Lagonda in the elegant form of the Taraf has so fired the enthusiasm of clients in the Gulf region that it ignited a worldwide interest the car. Originally designed for clients in the Middle East, where orders have been car have been very brisk, it will be offered to the wider market only after only after showing to the Saudi aficionados of the marque have been invited to experience it.


The birth of a new Lagonda generated tremendous excitement when it was launched in the Middle East, the market it was specifically designed for. The response to the Taraf was extremely positive, and orders for the new car were placed immediately.


The news of a new classic Lagonda rapidly spread worldwide and resulted in many enquiries. The vehicle will be offered to a selected wider market eventually, but only after it has been presented to our loyal client base in Saudi Arabia.


Moreover planned production of a strictly limited production run will undoubtedly ensure that the new Lagonda will like its predecessors not only become investor and collector’s items but will also emulate the proven success and popularity of the One-77 hyper car and recent V12 Zagato to distinguish themselves as one of the finest luxury saloons available in the world today.


Those looking to attend AMEX World Luxury Expo can request an invitation and pre-register online at


Following the event in Riyadh, World Luxury Expo will return Korea in September and then continue to Mumbai in October, creating an on-going annual signature series of events in 2015.





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