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World Luxury Expo, Abu Dhabi will again offer exceptional opportunities for the world’s luxury brands that represent the most aspirational lifestyle to showcase products and services to the Emirati elite.

No other event brings you closer to the highest concentration of private buyers in the United Arab Emirates, who are the biggest purchasers of rare, bespoke and hand-crafted luxury items.

The key strength of participating at a broad-based luxury expo is the opportunity to interact with the clients of all the other luxury brands present (who share the same target market, i.e. HNWI), which allows companies to expand their client reach across all categories of luxury.

Benefits of exhibiting at the upcoming World Luxury Expo, Abu Dhabi:

  • Reinforce the image of the luxury brand
  • Engage with new high-net worth clientele
  • Enhance the exposure and awareness of the new products throughout the GCC region as well as globally
  • Ensure an exclusive environment for select customers and partners
  • Increase the opportunity for B2B and B2C for sales
World Luxury Expo - Emirates Palace Caviar Bar - Abu Dhabi

Exhibitor Categories

• Art
• Automotive
• Banking
• Beverages
• Cigars & Shishas
• Collectors Pieces
• Cosmetics
• Entertainment Systems
• Equestrian
• Fashion Accessories
• Fashion Brands
• Fine Dining
• Fragrances
• Furniture & Decor
• Health
• Investments
• Jewellery
• Luxury Travel
• Marine
• Musical Instruments
• Private Aviation
• Professional Services
• Real Estate
• Security Services
• Sport & Leisure
• Technology
• Time Pieces
• Wellness
• Writing Instruments
World Luxury Expo - Moiseikin the Horn of Plenty

Registration Form

Kindly download the Exhibitor Registration Form here or please fill in the form below and a member of the team will respond to your enquiry shortly:

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Please contact the World Luxury Expo Sales Team for further information about participating in an upcoming World Luxury Expo event as a sponsor to engage a discerning audience on a different level and profile your brand alongside a selection of the leading luxury brands in the world.

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World Luxury Expo Riyadh Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe



History of World Luxury Expos
This is the 13th edition of the World Luxury Expo series of events. This is the only Expo of its kind in the region where a broad selection of luxury categories are available in one select, five-star venue. This will be a permanent, annual fixture on the global luxury industry calendar.
The key strength of a broad-based luxury expo often highlighted by exhibitors, is the opportunity to interact with the clients of all the other luxury brands attending (who share the same target market, i.e. HNWI), which allows companies to expand their client reach across all categories of luxury.


Are you going to mix all the categories together on the floor plan, or will you allocate sections for each category?
We have decided to mix brands in each category on the floor plan, as opposed to allocating set category areas. This provides exhibitors with more freedom of choice when selecting an area.

Is the Exhibition open to men only?
The Exhibition will be open to both male and female delegates / attendees. As attendance is by ‘invitation-only’ and given the type of delegates attending – sophisticated, educated, worldly, high net-worth individuals, we have decided not to label or restrict access to any demographic, such as woman-only and/or family days, so all three days will be mixed attendance.


Which exhibitors have already confirmed participation?
Featuring carefully selected categories ranging from rare art works to fine jewellery, hand-crafted watches to luxury travel, exquisite furnishings to deluxe automobiles. All participating exhibitors are leaders in their respective fields, executing superior design and striving for the ultimate in quality and perfection.
We have extended invitations to exhibit to only the “true” luxury brands, and we are presently engaged in discussions with a select group of brands and local distributors for World Luxury Expos in each territory.

Are we permitted to sell our products from the exhibition stand during the Expo?
Exhibitors are permitted to sell their goods & services at World Luxury Expo provided they have complied with all Customs rules & regulations of each country and regulations regarding concluding sales during the event.

Do we need to insure our shipment?
It is the EXHIBITORS RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that their exhibits are covered by adequate insurance coverage for the shipment, duration of the event, re-packing and re-exporting from the exhibition.
It is also advised that all EXHIBITORS should have a valid Inpatient/Outpatient Medical Insurance covering the Middle East Region.


How will attendance be managed?

World Luxury Expo, will showcase the world’s leading luxury brands of the highest calibre to an invitation-only three day exhibition that will showcase masterpieces of renowned international brands to highly discerning VIP guests from across the United Arab Emirates.

In terms of attendance, the strength of the World Luxury Expo, is that besides the organisers efforts, it also relies on the luxury brands participating in the event to secure the correct profile of attendance. It is the collective efforts of all of our exhibitors inviting their guests, in addition to our venues inviting their guests that makes the invitation-only event so potent and powerful.

Guest invitations will be extended personally via the following databases:

– Host venue network
– Official media partners
– World Luxury Group
– Exhibitor guests
– Event sponsor guests

A guest interested in visiting the Expo may register a request online at

The request is subject to approval by the Event Organisers and does not guarantee an invitation to attend the event.

How many visitors you are expecting?
The event is not based on volume, but on the quality of attendance. We are looking to attract a maximum of 1,000 visitors each day or a total of 3,000 unique visitors over the three days.

On what criteria have the visitors / guests been selected?
Our target market is ultra-affluent individuals from the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East region, where we have a comprehensive collective database.


We like to know how and where this event will be promoted.
A comprehensive, multifaceted Public Relations campaign has been constructed and will be disseminated in English and Arabic via all major local and international distribution channels i.e. TV, newspapers, magazines and online platforms.

We would like to know if you could share your database with us.
The information our clients share with us is confidential and treated as such. This information also forms part of the intellectual property of World Luxury Group; therefore we would not be in a position to share this with external parties.

However, we would be happy to disseminate marketing messages to our database on your behalf. We would also be happy to share information with you on profiles of our attendance at the Expo.


Do you have a recommended Freight Forwarder?

Recommended freight forwarders companies:
– Kuehne + Nagel
– DB Schenker


Exhibitors are responsible for their own stand design and construction (power is provided). The Organisers will be pleased to offer advice and guidance and can provide a fully comprehensive service if required.

The space rental includes: ballroom lighting, and ballroom supervision, cleaning of gangways, as well as electricity and water consumption. Installations of electricity and water, partition walls, according to requirements, must in all cases be expressly ordered.

Can any events take place at our stand during the Expo?
Events can take place at the stand from 10h00 – 13h00 and 16h00 – 23h00.

Are there any advertising restrictions at our stand?
Advertising of all kinds is only permitted within the exhibitor’s official stand area. Promotion teams may operate only with special permission. No information material of a political nature may be distributed in the form of posters, information material etc. Moreover, no political statement may be included in the design and decoration of the stands. It is forbidden to stick posters and other stickers on the wall and the floor outside the hired stand.

Advertising by means of loudspeakers, the display of slides or films, or the inclusion of performances or shows, all require the written approval of World Luxury Group. Written approval must also be obtained for the use of other equipment and installations intended to enhance the impact of advertising either optically or acoustically. Advertising of a religious or political nature is strictly prohibited.

Are exhibitors allowed to take photographs and film, video and sound recordings?
The taking of photographs, films or videos on behalf of exhibitors during the daily opening hours of the event may only be carried out by photographers, film or video production companies thus authorised by World Luxury Group and in possession of the appropriate pass. Such authorisation also applies prior to and after the daily opening hours of the event.

No other photographers or production companies will be permitted access to the Exhibition Areas

Are there any restrictions on Stand Design?
All exhibitors’ construction plans (floor plan and front view) must be submitted in duplicate to World Luxury Group for approval.

The exhibition stand must comply with the overall plan for the exhibition. World Luxury Group reserves the right to prohibit construction of unsuitable or inadequately designed stands.

During the hours that the Expo is open, the stand must be correctly equipped and furnished, and staffed by competent personnel throughout the duration of the fair or exhibition, between the stipulated opening times.

How will security of the stand handled?
World Luxury Group will provide security cover for the halls. Security cover for the exhibition stand itself is a matter for the exhibitors. They are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover against such risks. During the night valuable and easily removed items should be securely locked up. Private security staff to guard the stands during the night-time may only be employed subject to written agreement by World Luxury Group.

How will cleaning of the stand handled?
World Luxury Group will provide general cleaning on the grounds and in the aisles. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own stands. Such cleaning work must be completed each day prior to the opening of the event. The exhibitor or his appointed stand constructor is responsible for disposing of any waste materials resulting from their work

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