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American Express World Luxury Expo, Riyadh will again showcase a selection of the world’s leading luxury brands to an invitation-only three day exhibition that will showcase masterpieces of renowned international brands to highly discerning VIP guests from across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Guests visiting the show are invited via personal invitation. These clients are carefully selected according to our own as well as our luxury partner’s portfolios and databases.
A client interested in visiting, who has not received a personal invitation, may send a request to receive a personal e-invitation in advance.
The request is subject to approval by the Event Organisers and does not guarantee an invitation to attend American Express World Luxury Expo, Riyadh.

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Riyadh is the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today, the Kingdom offers a highly developed infrastructure to support economic growth and investment.

A significant segment of the population in Saudi Arabia consists of young people with incredibly high purchasing power combined with an appetite and appreciation for luxury goods and services.

  • Saudi Arabia is Number 1 in the world in terms of number of households worth more than US$ 100 million
  • The Middle East remains a hugely lucrative market for luxury goods and major growth is expected in the region, most notably in Riyadh
  • The wealth of GCC investors is set to grow to US$ 3.8 trillion over the next year

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